10 Habits Of Unsuccessful People

10 Habits of Unsuccessful people

Habits of Unsuccessful people is real and obtainable.

While success means different thing to different people, success is simply the achievement of goals and achieving your heart desires.

What differentiate successful people from unsuccessful people.


Habits are things we do frequently that become part of us and they can go along way to determine whether we achieve our life goals or not.

Just as some habits are common to successful people, some habits too are common to unsuccessful people.

Below are the 10 common habits of Unsuccessful people:

1.Spending time endlessly on the phone

Staying on your phone for hours isn’t entirely bad especially if your work requires you to be on the phone.

Also, we live in a digital age and virtually all human interaction and activities take place online.

However, if you’re constantly scrolling through social media and doing nothing particularly related to your work or business, you might be tending towards failure.

Because successful people understand the value of time and they don’t waste it on unproductive activities.

If you do not regulate your phone use, you’ll always be distracted, and you need focus to be successful.

You won’t reach your goals if you constantly do what takes your eyes off them.

2.Addicted to excuses

Unsuccessful people are addicted to excuses, always giving reasons why they can not do what they have to do.

Giving excuses is one of the habits of unsuccessful people.

Successful people will rather do it, fail, learn and do it again until they experience success.

What excuses are you giving for not doing what you have to do?

Remember, if you don’t want to do it, you’ll find excuses. If you want to do it, you’ll find a way.

No one ever achieves success by giving excuses. Excuses are dream killers. You can’t make excuses and make progress at the same time. You have to make one.

3. Not paying attention to details

Successful people pay attention details while unsuccessful people ignore details.

Paying attention to details is crucial to success because gold or diamond are not found on the surface. You have to dig deep to find them.

So, by paying attention to details, you can discover great information or ideas that will change your life for good.

4. Joking with everything

While it’s good to joke and play around, you should not be a clown always.

If you want to joke with everything, you better be a comedian and be successful doing just that.

But even comedians don’t joke every time.

Unsuccessful people joke with everything, they don’t take life seriously, thus, they either miss out on vital information and people do not take them seriously..

If you don’t take yourself seriously, don’t expect people to take you seriously.

5. Not willing to learn, unlearn and relearn

Learning is life and life is learning.

Someone said if you are 20 years old and you stop learning, you are old but if you are 70 years old and you continue to learn, you are still very young.

Never get to a point when you think you do not need to learn. You must continue to learn, unlearn, and relearn if you want to be successful.

Knowledge is progressive, especially in this present fast-paced world. What you learnt/knew ten years ago might not be applicable now.

You cannot be successful if you are not an information consumer.

6. Not organized

Good organisation is crucial to being successful.

By this, I don’t mean just physical organisation, but also mental organisation.

You can’t be successful if everything about you is haphazard and random.

Being organised also applies to having goals, making proper plans to achieve those goals, and staying focused enough to bring your plans alive.

If you’re always distracted, you can’t be focused, and hardly can anyone achieve success without being focused.

7. Not having a mind of your own and expecting people to decide for you.

To be successful, you must have a mind of your own, one that is trained and well-informed to make better decisions.

To have a mind of your own starts from knowing what you want.

If you don’t know what you want and you depend on others to tell you what you should want, success will elude you; because people will have different opinions of what you should do with your life.

While it’s advisable to seek counsel before you make decisions, it is still your primary responsibility to train your mind to make choices that count towards success.

8.Going late to meetings

Punctuality is important in life and to be on time is to be seen as a serious fellow. Successful people always go early to meetings to get ready and be fully prepared not in an unorganised way.

9. Rejection of change

Unsuccessful people love the status quo, they don’t want to experience the discomfort of change.

This also includes changing of bad habits (such as these ones you’re reading) to more positive habits.

They never entertain any idea that change is possible in any form to improve current situation.

In the process of rejecting change they also reject useful opinions and undermine others by rejecting their opinions.

10. Ignoring responsibility

Successful people take responsibility for their lives and even their mistakes.

They do not try to cover up their failures instead, they own them, learn from them and move on.

If you want to achieve your goals, do away with these habits.

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