20 Things To Know Before You Give Up

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There are times in your life when you feel like things are not going as planned and then you feel it’s better to just let everything go.

It’s totally normal to feel overwhelmed and even want to give up, however, there are little reminders to help you overcome all of these.

Look at what you’ve achieved as a person and how much you’ve come with little or no support.
Be grateful for the little wins and results as well as the huge milestones you’ve reached.

Do not focus on people’s opinion. They don’t define you. People’s opinion here is not just about the negatives. Sometimes, people project what they believe you can do on you and also encourage you to take on it. It is up to you to totally decide if you can do that or not.
Adding another seemingly positive task to what you already do can easily wear you out. Don’t rely on people’s opinion completely. Rather, focus on what you can do for yourself.

Don’t engage in unnecessary comparison with people. You may be within the same circle, but don’t forget that your resources vary and so also is your support system.
Their success is not your own failure. Your paths are different so quit the comparison and just be you.

You’ve been through enough hard times to refine you. Remember you’re in the process and the challenges you’re facing is just refining you for the finished work that is your future.

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Crying is not a thing of shame. It is allowing yourself to be human and it’s not the same with sadness.
Sometimes, all you need is an outlet for the built-up emotions inside you and crying is a good way to do this as it even helps you heal faster.


Failure is a part of success. When you shy away from it, it simply means you have moved away from success. Failing at something shows you’re making efforts and really, it’s not a dead-end, it’s only a detour.



You are not who people think you are because they couldn’t love or accept you. That they don’t value you doesn’t mean you are valueless. Their opinion shouldn’t build your reality. Be yourself.


It’s ok to ask for help because there will always be someone willing to help you. Sometimes, it comes from a series of no but out of the crowd, find your own. It’s ok to be helped because you cannot always figure it all out.


Embrace the changing life is throwing at you. Whether you’re prepared for it or not, life will throw stuff at you, it is up to you to embrace it, reform it and flow with it or wallow in discouragement. I urge you to however build resilience and keep your chin up.

You will not always get everything you want. Sometimes, not getting what you want is the blessing you need. It makes your quest for something better in the long run.

The pain and suffering are to bring the best in us. To reveal your kind side, talent and even compassion. Pain channeled in the right direction seeks to change one for better.

The feeling that seems to drown you is temporary. You’ll not be stuck in it forever,  just take your time to heal.

You are never alone. There are various resources on what you’re going through. Maybe not verbatim but something meaningful and insightful on your current situation. Grab one and let it guide you through.

Transformation is not always magical or easy as we have always believed it to be. It is a road preceded by breakdown before the breakthrough.

This is happening for you to be an inspiration to someone someday. Your challenges serve as a road map to some other people’s success too. Remember, there’s someone out there who depends on you to succeed.

Don’t chase perfection, chase progress. The media paints a picture-perfect life of everyone around and what is seemingly the correct way to live life. Do not place your focus on how the media wants you to live. Chase what matters to you even if it doesn’t make sense to anyone around you. While you are at it, make sure you’re progressing.

Be grateful and thankful for as many things as possible. Do not let your pain drown your gratitude. Be grateful for the little things you have as well as the ones to come.

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Sometimes, giving back in a time you’re in need is the greatest form of therapy. Helping others can be a healthy healing process but do not do this to your detriment.

Do things afraid. Don’t let fear deter you from the success you should have achieved before now. Do them afraid and let the process give you the courage to overcome.

No matter how difficult and hard this is get, giving up is not an option. Overcoming difficult times get easier when you continue even when you feel bummed out. Giving up only makes things more difficult. However slow the progress is, keep moving.

Remember it is only the person that gets to the finish line that truly won the race. For every moment you feel like giving up, this about the moments you have won and let that be your motivation.

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