200 Questions To Ask Your Partner

200 questions to ask your partner?

You might think that is too much but wait, why not go through it first?

Getting to know your partner is not a one day thing and you might not even know all of them till you go your separate ways.


Yes, that’s the reality and it further boosts the fact that people go: 

“ I didn’t know s/he was like that”

“ S/he wasn’t like that before now”


Here are 200 questions you can ask your partner in your fun times to get to know them better.


1.  How was it like growing up?


2.  Did you often agree with your siblings?


3.  Was there any time you had family talks and reunions where you all gathered with extended family members to catch some fun?


4.  What keeps you going?


5. Do you like taking initiative or leading people?


6. How good are you with keeping and maintaining friendships? 


7. Who is your longstanding friend?


8. Who is your best friend? 


9. Is there someone you look up to?


10. Are you an extrovert, introvert or ambivert?


11. Do you like cooking?


12. Are you a good cook?


13. Are you big on music?


14. What’s your favorite music genre?


15. Are you happy with your present job?


16. If you were to pick another job what would it be?


17. How do you let steam off at work?


18. How do you balance work and family pressure?


19. What are your hobbies?


20. What’s your favorite childhood memory? 


21. What’s a fashion item you can never wear? 


22. Do you make friends easily? 


23. Have you lost a friendship dear to you?


24. Who do you miss the most?


25. What spurs you on?


26. What are your major turn offs? 


27. What are your major turn ons? 


28. How do you handle a bad day?


29. Do you have a support system?


30. Are you religious or spiritual? 


31. If you could choose your family, will you still choose your family? 


32. What lesson has life taught you?


33. Who’s your celebrity crush?


34. How was your last relationship like?


35. Have you ever experienced a heartbreak? 


36. Did you have a high school lover or crush?


37. How was high school for you? Were you the nerd, bully, geek or goofy one?


38. What’s the most difficult phase of your life?


39. How many relationships have you had?


40. What’s the longest relationship you’ve had?


41. What’s your opinion about being friends with your ex?


42. What’s your take on marriage?


43. What’s your take on adoption? 


44. Are you open to surrogacy? 


45. What’s your take on intimacy before marriage? 


46. What’s your view on cheating?


47. Hoe many kids do you want to have if you want any at all?


48. What was your ex’s pet name?


49. Do you have a saving culture?


50. Is it ok to lie to your partner?


51. Have you ever dealt with any form of addiction? 


52. How do you handle conflicts at workplace? 


53. Are you in debt?


54.  Are you a jealous lover?


55. What does love mean to you?


56. What’s your idea of a perfect date?


57. What was your first kiss like?


58. What attracts you to the opposite gender?


59. What drew you to me?


60. Do you have gifts from your exes?


61. What’s your favorite YouTube channel?


62. Favorite movie of all time?


63. What’s your take on porn?


64. Are you easily angered? 


65. What’s your reaction when angry? 


66. What’s your favorite TV show?


67. Would you want to have a threesome?


68. What’s your scope on romance?


69. How do you see single moms? 


70. Does domestic violence mean anything to you?


71. Are you competitive in nature?


72. How do you Express happiness? 


73. Are you scared about your future? 


74. What do you think of an ambitious woman?


75. Are you inquisitive? 


76. How would you handle a cheating partner?


77. Are you punctual? 


78. Are you a tea or coffee person?


79.  What would you change about your appearance?


80. What would you change about your life?


81. Are you adventurous?


82. Do you masturbate?


83. What’s your take on unprotected s*x?


84. Have you ever had a thing with a married person?


85. Are you faithful to me?


86. Is our relationship open?


87. Have you ever snooped on my phone? 


88. What’s your most sensitive body part?


89. Are you an alcoholic? 


90. Are you quick to anger?


91. What’s your favorite style?


92. What’s your favorite color?


93. Can you swim?


94. Can you drive?


95. Do you drink?


96. Can you catch a grenade for me?


97. Can a relationship work without lovemaking?


98. Do you gossip?


99. How did you handle the most embarrassing moment of your life?


100. What’s that thing you hate that I keep doing?


101. What will you term your greatest achievement so far? 


102. What do you look forward to whenever we see?


103. What’s your take on cohabitation? 


104. How can I get your attention? 


105. What would you change about our relationship? 


106. How happy are you with your current state?


107. What makes me special to you?


108. What’s your favorite memory of me?


109. Do you keep a track of dates? 


110. What’s that thing you dont like and I keep doing?


111. What will be your reaction if I tattooed your name on my body?


112. What will you like to add to our relationship? 


113. What will you remove from our relationship? 


114. How would you describe me in 3 words?


115. What’s that thing you did and still regret?


116. What pets do you not like?


117. How would you describe yourself? 


118. What’s your favorite fragrance? 


119. Do you know my fragrance? 


120. Do you have a future career plan?


121. What’s something you cannot do without? 


122. Have you overcome a situation that was almost impossible by your own understanding? 


123. Is there any part of your childhood you miss?


124. Do you feel you’re mature enough for your current status?


125. Have you ever gone hunting?


126. What do you think of beauty regimen?


127. How much can you splurge on skincare?


128. Do you have a favorite beauty product?


129. Do you remember details? 


130. Are you scared of failure? 


131. Do you have a future career plan?


132. Do you plan changing career paths in future?


133. Do you think you are creative? 


134. What’s your view on online dating?


135. Have you ever dated someone you met online?


136. What makes you laugh?


137. Will you say you’re friendly?


138. What gives you madass confidence? 


139. Do you set boundaries to friendships?


140. Have you ever been stranded?


141. Have you ever helped someone in a fix?


142. Do you love taking pictures of humans or nature?


143. What’s your view on abortion?


144. Will you be jealous if someone flirted with me?


145. Is divorce an option?


146. Do you have hang out buddies?


147. Have you ever had a one night stand?


148. Are you happy with what we have?


149. Have you ever faked an orgasm?


150. How did your previous relationship end?


151. Are you frugal?


152. What’s your opinion on prostitution? 


153. Do you love shopping?


154. Ever made out with a stranger? 


155. Are you romantic? 


156. Are you expressive about your feelings? 


157. What’s the most romantic gesture you’ve been shown? 


158. Do you believe in love at first sight?


159. What’s your take on intimacy on the first date?


160. Is religion a factor in relationships? 


161. Have you ever been robbed?


162. Have you ever been misunderstood? 


163. Have you ever been wrongly accused of doing something? 


164. Have you ever been a peeping Tom?


165. Do you have a favorite person?


166. Do you have any health challenge at the moment?


167. Do you have a hard time healing from a hurt?


168. Is love enough reason to get married?


169. Do you love traveling? 


170. Do you have a sweet tooth?


171. What do you splurge on?


172. What’s your favorite phone brand?


173. Do you take time off for vacations? 


174. If you could travel the world with someone, who would it be?


175. Where would you like to visit at the moment? 


176. How do you love to relax?


177. What are the 3 things that relieves your stress?


178. Do you use cursive words?


179. Would you rather have a male or female boss?


180. Do you have children from previous relationships? 


181. Are you a worrier?


182. What are the 3 top things you worry about? 


183. What’s your favorite time of the year?


184. What’s your idea of a perfect relationship? 


185. Do you believe in upholding traditions and culture?


186. Do you have any phobias? 


187. What sort of sport do you enjoy?


188. What’s one misconception people have about you?


189. How do you think I can support your dreams?


190. Have you experienced any form of abuse?


191. How many languages can you speak?


192. Would you love to learn any other skillset or language? 


193. What’s the worst food combination you’ve ever had?


194. What’s the oldest thing you own?


195. What’s your favorite happy moment? 


196. What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve bought?


197.  What’s one thing you’ll never do again?


198. What’s your most memorable birthday?


199. Do you snore?


200. Do you love me?


I hear you say to yourself, “I made it”. There are not just 200 questions to ask your lover, there are a whole lot more. Please add yours to the list. Let me see yours in the comment section.

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