22 Stylish Ankara Styles You Should Own

Ankara styles a.k.a African print can never go out of fashion.

One might be tempted to think it is archaic or old fashioned but here is a young woman slaying it to perfection and matching patterns right with prints!

Nobody does it better than  Eby right now in the African prints game.

Eby will make you fall in love with various pieces of patterns she makes out of African print.

Her pieces show class, uniqueness and simplicity at once!

She also shows the versatility of the African fabric with the way she blends fabrics with entirely different patterns but blends them to perfection.

I have a gallery of Eby and I’ll share them here.

Note that she runs a fashion line and she sells these pieces in different sizes and she ships worldwide!

I’ll share some of her works here and how you can reach her if by chance you’re interested in owning a piece.


Now, look at this perfect blend of prints. Are they not elegant?

FB IMG 1627159304304



FB IMG 1627159331659


The second look is the simple and elegant dress that she makes available in different print patterns.

FB IMG 1627159311838


Ankara styles and prints are not the only African prints out there. One making waves right now is the adire.

Now to the “rich aunty vibes” styles.

This is called a boubou and it is regarded as a style for the big aunties with opulence and affluence.

You should own one of these!


FB IMG 1627159598566

I particularly love the colour of this boubou.

FB IMG 1627159610217


Eby made this Kimono with fringe details with Adire fabric for her birthday and I have been in love with the masterpiece since I saw it!

FB IMG 1627159683768


A long dress with some shoulder for sunlight. If you know me well, you’ll know I favour off the shoulder dresses so this is a YES  for me.


FB IMG 1627159935996


With Eby, you can be a rich aunty with a touch of youthfulness. Semi boubou with lace details!


FB IMG 1627159983290



Eby makes every outfit beautiful!

FB IMG 1627159739244


The back view! Is this not stunning?


FB IMG 1627159735225



And she shows us the V-neck boubou.

FB IMG 1627185191633

FB IMG 1627185379139

For the casual sisters, here is a beautiful top you can pair with your pants, jeans pants or skirt.

FB IMG 1627185230536FB IMG 1627185243101FB IMG 1627185251475FB IMG 1627185259159



One might be tempted to think the Ankara styles or African print is for semi-casual or informal outings, however, here is the twist I totally love!


FB IMG 1627185304209

corporate ankara style


FB IMG 1627185483615



For my casual sisters, here is a beautiful jumpsuit for

FB IMG 1627185466598


FB IMG 1627185631087


FB IMG 1627185643735

I am ending with this causal and it is everything stylish and beautiful.

Personally, I am sure this will be lovely in different prints and will suit almost every body type.

FB IMG 1627185617180


Dear Eby, thank you for sharing your craft with the world.

Dear reader, you can purchase any of these pieces from Eby here.

P.S. This is not a sponsored ad and I am not getting any commission from anything you buy from her. It is bringing you beauty and quality without stressing.


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See you on the next post!


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