25 Habits For a Healthier Life

Living a healthy lifestyle is not as easy as it sounds especially if you’re just going into the new life.

Like I always say, it’s easier to be indisciplined rather than sticking to a healthy regimen especially if it’s so sudden.

However, starting with smaller and simpler routines can help put you on track in record time.

Here, I wrote on 25 habits you can build on to have a healthy life.

The key to making your life healthier is to take your healthy life journey one step at a time.

Yes, they’re 25 and the list is not exhaustive but note that you must not start the 25 healthy habits to improve yourself at once.

Put in place a reality check to help track your progress.

You have to be patient with yourself and let your body take it at its own pace.

So keep reading because below are 25 habits that you can try incorporating into your life so that you can live a healthier life!

25 Habits For a Healthier Life:

25 Habits For a Healthier Life life love

1) Get 10,000 steps a day or more if you can. Try a fitness tracker watch to help you achieve this habit consistently!

2) Get 6-8 hours of sleep a day. The exact amount will depend on your age! Do some research on how much sleep you should get for your age.

3) Eat 2 servings of fruit every day. If you don’t like eating whole fruit try making smoothies.

4) Do at least 15 minutes of yoga when you wake up in the morning.

5) Get 30 minutes a day of fresh air. Either by taking walks or just sitting outside.

6) Drink lots of water! The general rule of thumb is to aim for 15.5 cups of water for men and 11.5 for women.

7) Pack your lunch for work. Grabbing food or skipping lunch are both generally less healthy than packing your own lunch.

8) Disconnect from your phone for at least an hour every day.

9) Create a healthy and productive morning routine. And learn what it takes for you to stick to these routines!

10) Work on maintaining /forming good posture. Try taking a video of yourself to see where you need to improve your posture.

11) Start taking strategic breaks throughout your workday for your mental and physical health. This helps your mind and boosts productivity.

12) Eat 3 servings of veggies a day. Try experimenting with veggies you don’t eat often or have never tried to keep up some variety in your life.

13) Make a plan to exercise 5 times a week. Create a plan for those workouts at the beginning of every week.

14) Start reciting positive affirmations every day. Try to spend 5 minutes doing this at the beginning and end of every day.

15) Stretch your body every night before going to bed. Even if it is just 5-15 minutes it can make a big difference to stretch every night.

16) Do your skincare routine every morning and night.

17) Measure weight/fitness progress by measuring inches and fitness goals, not the scale. Scales can be inaccurate tools to measure your healthiness.

18) Wear sunscreen daily! Try getting a moisturizer with SPF in it to make this easier.

19) Learn to regularly cook healthy meals at home. Bonus this will help save you money as well.

20) Find the right vitamins for you and take them daily. Do some research or ask your doctor for advice.

21) Go to annual doctor appointments including the dentist!

22) Floss every night. If you have a hard time trying to create this habit try getting floss picks.

23) No screen time for 45 minutes before you go to bed.

24) Start meal prepping! Not only does meal prepping help you keep on track with eating healthier but it also saves money and decreases food waste. Get some cute meal prepping containers like these to motivate you!

25) Change up your workouts. Doing the same workouts every week will not only get boring and hurt your motivation but your body also gets adjusted to those workouts so you should shake it up and work different muscles!

Creating a healthy lifestyle is a lifelong process that you can always be improving on. Start on the journey by implementing these 25 habits for a healthier life.

And remember that a healthy life journey is really never-ending. There are always more things you can do to become a healthier person and the rewards for being healthier are so valuable.

But also remember that mental wellness is a huge part of being healthy so don’t stress yourself out and be kind and patient with yourself.

Specifically, I want to remind everyone that living a healthy life is more than just exercising and eating veggies. It is also putting constant effort into your mental health, caring for yourself, and loving yourself. Always prioritize your mental health and happiness!

Healthiness habits need to include every area of your life. So start implementing all of these healthier life habits to start becoming the healthiest and hopefully happiest version of yourself!

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