3 Easy Ways To Be The Best At What You Do

More than once, I have found myself saving the intelligent conversations I find on the net and bring them here for you to read.

Today, I saw a post I saved years back on How to be the best at what you do and because I agree with it, I have brought it here.

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I have come to realize that to succeed and become the best at what you do, 60% of the requirement is content (what you know), 20% is the relationship (who you know) and the other 20% is packaging (how you present what you know).

I call this ‘The Daddy Yo Strategy’. This theory was founded and postulated by me.

1. Content
2. Packaging
3. Networking

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Person Looking at a Book

This is the point where you work so hard on your craft.

You stop focusing on haters and rumours, you dedicate time to learning and improving on your craft.

You have no time to what is being said on the side.

There’s absolutely no time to entertain that. All we want is development.

You watch YouTube videos, go for training, attend seminars and all.

You can’t be the best at what you do if you don’t have a 100% grasp of what you do.

You must be extremely good at it. If you’re woken up from sleep, you should be able to deliver.

Content is key. Ability is key.

There’s no amount of branding or packaging or connection you’ll have, if you’re not good at what you do, it’s all a waste.



Man in Blue Button Up Shirt and Blue Denim Jeans Standing Beside White Board

This is the presentation of what you have within you.

If you’re good at what you do, and you don’t begin to understand that you must package and present yourself well, you’ll just be an extremely excellent person doing great things in one small corner of the world and no one knows about you.

You’ll see people you do better than landing better jobs than you and even winning at things you could never dream of at the time.

Never joke with your packaging.

We have too many people who don’t know what they are doing but are enjoying success. Simply because they packaged well and got famous.



Group of People Standing Inside Room

Finally, don’t forget this one.

You can be the best at what you do, have the best branding. But, if you don’t cultivate relationships, you’re on your way to failure.

At this point, you’ll need people to hold your hands and lead you into the jungle.

Some people just need to write a note to another person for you and doors will be opened for you.

This is the time to begin to cultivate relationships in your field.

Make connections. I repeat, make connections. Very very key. Look out for the important stakeholders and begin to strategize on how to meet them.

Learn to give gifts. That is not bribery.

You want that guy to be your mentor, have you thought about doing something to make him smile? You must give to be given.

Some of you are stingy even to your destiny. Please, don’t be. 

Nobody has it all. nobody is too wealthy to receive gifts and nobody is too poor to give.

A bottle of wine can open doors for you that will shock you.

Thank you.

This post was written by Akan Imoh while I edited it before posting. 

Listen to prophet Akan y’all.

See you in the next post.

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