5 Ways To Make Your Life Simpler

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In the past few weeks, I have been doing a lot of reflective thoughts and going through the process I live my life.

It has been an interesting one. I see my mistakes, and where I can definitely make improvements in daily living, spending habits, hygiene and even my food.

It’s very easy to accumulate various baggage as we grow without even knowing it. These things end up cluttering our spaces that we don’t even know we’re full to the brim until we need space for something meaningful.

That period of mental decluttering is very important. It helps us shed unnecessary weight that stresses our lives and weighs us down.

These weight tends to make even our accomplishments very slow, clouding our minds and making us generally overwhelmed with our emotions all over the place.

Nothing will seem to interest you with this clutter of emotions, and going through each day becomes boring.

However, I was able to declutter my life in 5 simple steps. 5 easy ways I simplified my life and everything came back to a jolly ride for me.

Write a To-Do List.

The importance of a to-do list is never overrated. This one act has helped in growing and organizing my life in such a way that I least imagined.

My to-do list is my personal chastisement guide. Once I derail from any of my dedicated tasks and I glance at the list, I feel personally guilty.

My to-do lists encloses my shopping lists and even skills I will love to learn.

It doesn’t end on my everyday tasks. It also embraces my future tasks with a timeline. Never forget to add a timeline to that list.

Batch Cook.

For those who know me personally, I enjoy cooking. However, as much as I enjoy cooking, I cannot do it everyday of my life. In fact, there are days I don’t feel like cooking but I end up doing it anyway.

Recently I decided to start batch cooking since I got this blog running and a couple of other things. One thing I discovered is that I have been shortchanging myself.

Batch cooking helps me save money and time. I get to buy my groceries in bulk, cook them and store them per portion.

I cook variety and at the end of it all, I save a lot of time over the next 2 weeks not worrying about heavy cooking of any sort.

It is going to be a lot easier to spend less time on cooking or thinking of what to cook when you batch cook.

If you are not from a family or the type who wants freshly prepared meals every time, you should cook almost all your meals, soups especially and store them in the fridge.

For how long you want to do this depends on you; a week, a month. This also applies to groceries. Buy all of your groceries and beverages in bulk. You save money, you save time and reduce the stress.

Don’t forget to write a shopping list. We want to live simple lives, remember? so, nothing like going to the store to begin a brain racking session of what you must have forgotten.

Go Minimalist.

I went minimalist January 2020 and till date, I have no single regret. Right from my choice of clothes to my apartment fittings and fixtures, I went minimalist.

There is a color scheme I’m stuck on when making my choices (black, white or grey). It’s that simple. I wear either black, white or grey t-shirts (I customized some of them for varieties sake just to infuse some blend into my life) on black or white denim. When I feel exceptionally happy, I do blue denim.

It sounds boring but this is very interesting. I have zero worries about what to wear. I don’t have to think of outfits and outings. I just select a shirt and that’s it.

Going minimalist to simplify your life isn’t just about clothes choices. It’s about the number of things you gather and keep. The curtains, the bedspread, the plates, wristwatches and so on.

To simplify your life, buy only what you need. Buy the basics.

I always find someone I can give out things to wherever I am. You will always find.


So, keep only what you need, work with basics.

Edit Your Email Subscriptions.

Listen, editing your email subscriptions can do a lot of wonders. Every time you get a notification from a newsletter you mistakenly subscribed to, were lured into, you don’t need or have outgrown, open it and unsubscribe.

Many times, the issue here is opening the email to unsubscribe but if you can pick a day out of the month to begin to edit your ema

il subscriptions you will be grateful for it.

Have A Quiet Time.

I saved this for last because of people that do not like to have God in matters as basic as this.

This is so that you won’t close this post without giving it a chance.

If you, however, have something for God and recognize how much of help he can be to you in times of distress, your life can be much simpler.

Instead of having to look to people every time for help, you can turn to God and ask him to direct your steps and teach you what to do to have a problem solved. He can even lead you to the important people or quicken their steps towards you so that you are not going all about experiencing disappointments from people you thought would help.

Instead of worrying and fretting, you can direct them all to God and tell him exactly how you feel. Prayers can simplify your life if only you try them. Are there other things you do to simplify your life? I would be glad to have you share them with me.



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