7 Habits of Highly Smart Women

7 Habits Of A Highly Smart Woman.

As a woman you can be endowed with all the strength there is in this world but you need to be a highly smart woman to get a good headstart in life.

What makes a woman smart?

Is smartness something picked up or something inbuilt? Well, being a highly smart woman is a cocktail of different skillset that can be learned as one grows.

I know as a woman, there are one or two people out there you admire like celebrities, senior colleagues,

We, as women, have our idols. Some of us find them in celebrities, legendary personalities, and sometimes in our closest relations.

Whoever we find our idols in, it’s certain they inspire a kind of greatness in us.

A desire to do more and be more.

The ignition to be smarter and take charge is turned on and a highly smart woman will definitely not turn it off, rather she will make it grow more.

However, living in a misogynistic world and even balancing out the imbalance out there is hard work and I’m sure it was not easy achieving the feat.

As hard as breaking even and still remaining relevant can be, they beat the odds to be the best.

They all have streaks of habit they hold on to as highly smart women and they stayed consistent with them.

Not to dwell so much on the smart women and their successes.

Let’s emulate the process of these smart women and that’s if you aspire to be like them.

So, these are the 7 habits of a highly smart woman.

7 Habits of A Highly Smart Woman To Follow.

1. They Read A Lot.

I once listened to Dr D.K Olukoya where he said the key to success is reading.

I can’t even disagree with this because success comes from the knowledge you have acquired and implemented from learning.

We all hear of people saying excess of anything is bad but I don’t think that applies to reading.

You can never over-read but you can under-read because you will always need information.

Reading keeps you informed beyond what the walls of a school will ever teach you.

You cannot be an avid reader and be shallow in knowledge.

To be a highly smart woman, you need to cultivate the habit of reading because no matter how much you read, it will benefit you.

Read everything and anything whether it is literature, current affairs, or general knowledge. A highly smart woman is well rounded.

Finding the time to read might be difficult but the presence of ebooks have come in handy to save to the day.

Reduce the time you spend scrolling through your social media and invest that time in reading.

It’s not late to start at all and that is the foundation of being a highly smart woman.

To learn how to be a reader, you can start by:

Picking a niche that interests you. You don’t have to read a lot at a time, you can start by reading a few pages every day.

Stay consistent and dedicated to this every day till it becomes a habit.

2. Time Management.

One of the major challenges I have as a grown-up is the fact that I don’t have enough time to get things done.

This has been an excuse for procrastinating a lot of things until I learnt the act of consciously managing my time.

As a highly smart woman, you know you cannot do all the things before you at the same time and that’s where prioritizing your activities come in.

You utilize scheduling tools and set realistic goals for the day.

You attach a time to each task and do it within the time you scheduled.

Work with progress and not perfection.

Maintain the balance between work and rest and learn to delegate your work when and where necessary.

3. They Socialize And Network Mindfully.

A highly smart woman knows the importance of friends and acquaintances and how they are instrumental to one’s success.

Know the kind of people you surround yourself with as that will likely determine your energy level.

Cut toxic people away from your life and don’t be sorry for cutting them off.

Maintain relationships with supportive, smart and career-oriented people.

Attend strategic meetings and gatherings that can move you on to the next big thing in your industry.

4. They Take Self Development Seriously.

A highly smart woman knows that even when accomplished and established, there will always be room for improvement.

They never hesitate to invest in themselves and you should do the same for yourself too.

You can work on your vocabulary. Nobody knows it all and adding a new word either daily or in a space of two days will increase your chances of understanding things across different topics.

Take an online course. Thanks to the accessibility of Coursera and Udemy to everyone. Add that new certificate to your profile and also increase your knowledge bank for a little sum.

Challenge yourself to be a better version of yourself.

Take up new responsibilities and healthy habits.

5. They Are Financially Smart.

A highly smart woman will not leave her finances to dictate her life.

She chooses how her finances go and she is up to date about her assets and liabilities.

A highly smart woman has a source of income and is independent financially. Anything given to her is a gift and not her main source of living.

Therefore, if you aren’t financially conscious, today is a good day to start.

Here are some ways you can start.

  • Get access to your bank accounts if you didn’t before. Keep a track of your transactions.
  • Construct and function on a budget
  • Keep a record of both liquid and non-liquid expenditure. (An excel sheet would help).

6. They Are Tech-Savvy.

We’ve come to an era where everything revolves around being tech-smart.

A highly smart woman wouldn’t dwell in the ignorance of technology and blaming it on her gender.

Do yourself a favour of being in the know and redefine your life.

7. They Know How To Balance Personal And Professional Life.

If you think being a highly smart woman is all about work then you’re wrong.

Highly smart women work hard but still work smart while at it so it affords them ample time to fulfil their personal obligations with friends and family.

There is room for their personal life in the middle of their busy professional life.

You need to plan your month ahead so as to avoid glitches here and there.

That being said, they plan their months accordingly. They do not neglect their personal life for professionals and vice versa, instead, they maintain a balance.

If you don’t know how to maintain the said balance, here’s what these smart women do.

  • They maintain a calendar and a plan.
  • If they reserve weekdays for work, they give all their weekends to their family and friends.
  • They know when to take a pause.

7  Habits Of A Highly Smart Woman

It is not necessary to function just like them to live your life smoothly as they do; you can enjoy flexibility. If something doesn’t work for you, it’s okay; but don’t give up before even trying.

Additionally, the key here is to be consistent with your habits.

Every day counts towards your ultimate goal. Hence, let yourself be inspired and strive for a greater change in yourself.

Hey, how’s the day going? Feel free to share your opinions about the article, or anything in general in the comment section. We would love to have your views.

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