7 Signs You’re Emotionally Exhausted And Don’t Even Know It

Are you emotionally exhausted and don’t even know it?

Emotional exhaustion is one of the most common situations around us taken with levity.

It is so cleverly concealed and disguised as part of the ‘normal’ stress e everyone experiences but in reality, it goes beyond that.

However, it’s time to recognize these things that have put you at the edge as well as a way back to the centre where you can be in control again.

Signs You’re Emotionally Down And Don’t Know It

  1. Little Things And Big Things Overwhelm You

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When you get to that point that every negative feeling or slight pressure bullies your sanity to face the future ahead of you, then you’ve hit that point where your emotions have become an overload.

The small problem is not the big problem. The big problem is the small problems that have accumulated over time.

Solving it is not taking off the little problem. It is digging down to unravel the issue that is the foundation of all others.

I recall being so overwhelmed because I had electrical faults in my apartment some time ago. I was so emotional about it all that I was crying profusely.

My friend opted to have the fault fixed, yet I still cried. I had to take a break and I travelled to my mum’s. I just realized that I was tired of spending my own money, I just wanted to relax and be taken care of. After 5 days, I returned to my house and that was it! I was fine and life continued.

Most times, the small things just happen to trigger the big ones you’ve cleverly heaped up or concealed.

Dig up and know what is causing your meltdown.


  1. You’re Hyper-sensitive.

The way you pay attention to things you necessarily wouldn’t do in the past becomes heightened.

You think things to the far end and even deeper than they should. Extra meanings and analysis come to things that should be taken at face level. You’re not overreacting.

It simply means you’re at a point that you can’t afford to be put back in any way.

Rather than use the last of you to control things going wrong, figure out why things are the way they are first.

Try to make meaning of every incident that has happened, linking factually to the present and not try to overthink it.

You may be ignoring what you should be paying attention to and vice versa.

You don’t need to overreact to what is happening, rather, take action on what has happened and what is making you feel the way you’re feeling the way you don’t want to feel.


  1. You’re Feeling A Deep Sense Of Defeat.

One major feeling that features constantly when you’re emotionally exhausted is experiencing the “I-better-get-this-right-or-nothing-else-matters” syndrome.

It’s funny that we fail to realize that even this level you are at the moment was where we actually wished and hoped to be. You forget that a mistake is not a moment of breakdown. It is simply a detour and it shows you’re learning.

Resigning to hopelessness is not the next thing to do at this time because the future is not bleaker.

It is only a moment for you to get in touch with your human side and admitting that these emotions are present and at work in you.

The cocktail of its strength, cruelty and the time it takes to course through you.

You’re not hopeless. You’re just letting yourself know your limit.


  1. You Are Struggling To Find The Will To Move Forward.

The feeling of being hopeless can come with being stuck and not knowing what to do with your life.

This is due to the fact that you are trying to move on forward with a millstone on your ankles.

You need to take it easy on yourself and take it one day at a time without killing yourself with the burden of thoughts.

If one day may take you forever, just take it one moment at a time.

Sometimes, a moment might be a minute and other times a week. However, it pans make sure you grow and let yourself evolve.

Be honest with yourself and start working from there.


  1. You’re Scared of Being “Triggered.”

It’s totally normal to be wary of people or things that will trigger you, hence, you shut out things or people that may tip you off in the course of time you have a low grip of your emotions.

You can’t control the existence of these triggers, you can only choose how you want to react to them.

The earlier you move further or create a working system around it, the better for you.


  1. You’re Either Too Expressive About Your Feelings Or Not Expressive Enough.

I used to be someone who never communicated how I felt about situations or people till they push me to my breaking point and I flee.

Also, when I learned to have to express myself, it was to the extreme. I said too much and I even begin to regret some things.

None of these responses helped me in all of my dealings. I had to learn to process my emotions in the present.

It starts with admitting how I feel and coming to terms with what is practical at that moment and then knowing how to respond to it.

You may journal about things to express how you feel about certain things.


7 Signs Youre Emotionally Down pint
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  1. You’re ready for a change.

Outside the low feeling that comes with emotional exhaustion, you know that you are ready to take the plunge for a change which is most times major.

You know you cannot keep rolling up and down, you just take the plunge and you know you’re at the crossroad of transformation.

Despite feeling so low, you’re actually ready for a transformation, and you know it deep down within you.

You cannot continue to live in denial of how you feel. It’s time to embrace it, spin it in your favour as well as build a solution from it, rather than stacking up the problems.

Respect yourself and your feelings and match your emotions with actions that will bring you the present.



Your life is waiting for you to live it out. Don’t let your fears hinder you from facing what is facing you. Do it afraid and come out braver.

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