5 Causes of Hair Breakage and Solution

Natural hair is one of the easiest and most difficult hair to manage.
One of the major troubles of natural hair is the constant breakage and shedding that comes with it.
Natural Hair can be very strong and beautiful but if poorly managed and improperly handled can begin to break.
No Naturalista wants that efforts put into her hair will result in hair breakage.

If you however experience hair breakage and don’t exactly know what causes it,  this blog post will help you determine the cause and give you practical solutions on how to fix it.The good news is that for Natural hair,  you can easily determine the cause of hair breakage and move on to treat it until it stops.

It is unlike the permed or chemically treated hair where you have to make guesses and if the guess is narrowed down to the hair relaxer,  it might mean stopping application which might, in turn, mean going natural.

So,  here we go,  some of the causes and how to fix them instantly :

5 Causes of Hair Breakage and How to Fix That Instantly.


1. Tangled Hair

It is not uncommon for Natural hair to easily tangle. Leaving it like that or attempting to comb through forcefully will cause hair breakage.

This is logical enough if I must say.

So,  before washing your hair,  try to finger detangle intensively.

Work your fingers in between your hair and separate until you can easily comb your hair with your fingers.

You can also use detangling or wide tooth combs to detangle. Make sure that you also exercise patience while detangling.

Do it carefully too for in detangling you can damage your hair.


2. Leaving Hair Unprotected

Sleeping on cotton pillows or leaving your hair uncovered all through the night with better material like satin can cause a lot of physical stress.

You can avoid hair breakage as a result of this.

Better still,  it’s okay to knot your hair before sleeping. You can also use satin pillows.

Apply products with sunscreen on your hair when going out into the hot sun.

Harsh weather can affect your natural hair negatively and cause hair breakage.

During harmattan and extremely dry weather,  do protective hairstyles like cornrows,  braids,  kinky,  crochet braids etc.


3. Sulfate Shampoos

Washing your hair too frequently can cause it to be stripped of its natural oils.

This in turn weakens your roots and eventually causes hair breakage.

There is no worse nightmare than having your hair break at the root itself.

That’s so sad.

You should limit the use of shampoos especially those that contain sulfates.

Another option is to co-wash when you are tempted to use your shampoo for the second time in a week.

Co-washing is washing with only a conditioner.


4. Dandruff

This is many ladies’ worst nightmare.

Dandruff! It is another common cause of natural hair breakage.

Use anti-dandruff shampoos and conditioners.

There are many anti-dandruff creams in the market.

Try out some and stick with what works best for you.


5. Combing hair when wet

Many of us were once guilty of this act.

We thought that combing through our natural hair when wet is the only way to avoid the pain of combing through dry,  crispy hair.

Let your hair dry naturally and then,  apply a leave-in conditioner to soften it or any type of oil or even cream.

Carefully detangle or finger comb and you are done.

Natural Hair breakage is something that you can totally avoid.

I hope this article helps you.

Is there any hair troubles you’re having? I’d like to troubleshoot with you and find a solution.
Let me know from the comments or send me an email at yelewrites@gmail.com

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