How Blogging Changed My Life

How blogging changed my life is one thing I won’t get tired of talking about.

Within minutes of meeting me, you’d definitely know that I am fully immersed in blogging.

It is one thing I do with ease and in a way, I am surprised at how far I have grown within the time frame as a passive and active blogger.

Whatever we are involved in has to add something positive to our lives and if it isn’t, it is not worth it.

Blogging has immensely changed my life positively in the past three years.

It is more evident to me this year and I am grateful for a platform such as this.

It means a lot to me to own a portion of the cyber space and customize it the way I want.

I get to express myself, have an audience and in turn inform/educate/orientate them on different aspects of living and journeying through life.

I get to talk to people from my perspective and from my learning and unlearning.

This means so much to me.

Despite being a lawyer, having people I may never meet read me and take my stance seriously is a major flex.

On this blogging journey, these are the things I have learned and still learning:


1. I am learning Integrity

This is more of cyber integrity.

It is all about internet image.

When you put yourself out there as a blogger, you present with you an image.

A lot of people reading me don’t know me but I never want to disappoint them.

Even though I cannot bring up specific instances and people, I am certain to a degree that some people come to my blog to read me.

Some are bloggers like me and they want to hear what I have to say in a new week.

I cannot afford to let them down. I am learning how to keep up with the image I present of myself.

How to keep my integrity even in the midst of demanding responsibilities e.g school and my side business.


2. I now know what it means to be dedicated.

Back then I used to think that stay-at-home moms don’t have much going on.

I thought working from home is really nothing but now I realise that dedication is important in anything that we do.

Very important.

She could also be a failure in a home work career.

Passion for a particular venture, career aids dedication anyway but I believe still that dedication is a conscious effort.

Blogging requires dedication and I find myself on this path, doing this content thing religiously.


3. I am becoming more selfless.

Whenever I want to put up a blog post, I think about my readers more than I of myself.

I am talking about myself while putting myself in others’ shoe.

You give me an avenue to express myself and I give you an avenue to learn something new, reinforce on your mind an idea or value and a cyber space to interact with other blog readers.

I have learnt to communicate in plain terms.

I love how fluid I have been with communication and it’s all thanks to you.

4. My reading has improved.

You won’t believe that I sometimes read because I must have an excerpt to write on my blog at least once in two weeks.

It is a spur on.

My reading life has in turn improved positively.

Voracious reading pays anyone and it has surely been of immense help in this life journey.

I read across different subjects so I can deliver quality to you.

5. I am more versatile.

Blogging has helped me know about a lot of topics and things I never knew I could know about without blogging.

I know about blogging, more about internet usage, online marketing, liaising with people, offline marketing of an online business, branding, convincing people to get involved.

Like I said earlier, I now read a lot and that has added to my wealth of experience and versatility.

I have a list of blogs I read to help me improve mine and see what others are doing.

And you know what reading other people does? It makes you wiser and smarter.

You gain from them what they are learning or took years to learn. I should be a thousand years old now given the number of stuff I have acquired.

6. I am learning how to listen and be taught

A number of people send me e-mails regularly to encourage me and give me feedback.

Some of these feedbacks don’t go down well with me but I have learnt that every successful person learned how to listen and use information for good.


So this is my own list. Any blogger in here? How has blogging changed your life?

I’d really like to know and connect with you.

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