How To Balance Your Full Time Job and Side Hustle

Side hustle with photography equipment on the table

I enjoy both my full-time job and side hustle because they work hand in hand.

Digital marketing is the parent of many of these online activities including social media and blogging. In a bid to achieve balance quickly and effectively, I went on small research.

I began reading articles on the internet; I dug through materials to assist 9-5 workers with side hustles.

On the career segment of my blog, I will be frequently discussing balancing 9-5 jobs with side hustles.

I am convinced that many young women would like to read what I have to say and the lessons I have to share on this journey.

Many women complain about a terrible social life (which is completely unavoidable) and how short 24 hours are in a day.

I will be sharing 17 short tips to help you balance your full-time job with a side hustle.

1. Set clear boundaries. Choose times you will be involved in your side hustle.

2. Use a to-do list. Marking your achievements and nothing outstanding tasks will give you a sense of career fulfilment.

3. Do one thing at a time. Don’t juggle two different tasks at the same time except they are similar.

4. Outsource to capable people you can trust to handle some of the tasks of your side hustle. Get a dedicated assistant who has more free time to help you out with some of your side hustle activities or employ someone if you have saved enough for that.

5. Help family and close friends understand your daily work schedule so that they don’t feel neglected and you don’t carry about the guilt of selfishness.

6. Make use of your time wisely. Be prudent about it. You cannot afford to sleep in and watch movies all weekend like your sister. This is the time to plan, schedule and automate some tasks.

7. Hint one or two of your workmates about your side hustle. You might need someone to stand in for you one day.

8. Don’t take up more than you can handle. Be reasonable because you are not a superwoman.

9. Take a break once in a while, it will help you refuel. Working tirelessly unending will cause burnout which is usually irrevocable for some people.

10. Join 9-5 career groups. Very many of them are online and you can read and share experiences. I particularly like @enterpreneursnook on Instagram.

11. Choose a me-time. It is more like a weekly mini-break to help you connect with family and friends. These are people that will always be there.

12. Interact with other people in your field. Ask questions and see what you can incorporate or remove from your routine to make it easier.

13. Prioritize. Don’t waste time investing in the less important things at the beginning of a side business day. You will end up becoming frustrated at the end of the day.

14. Spend an amount of your break time at your full job to complete simple and quick tasks of your side hustle e.g take calls, read emails, go on social media etc. Be careful not to eat into your employer’s time, that will be unfair to them. 

15. Take advantage of life optimizing and scheduling apps if you work online a lot. Planning ahead will help you accommodate unforeseen tasks that may present themselves, it will also help you stay more productive at work.

16. Give your clients specific times they can call you and specify for how long you can take their calls and/or attend to them. Spending too much time on a particular task may eat into other tasks and cause some pressure.

17. Be determined to work hard. To deliver on both ends will require more push, drive and energy. So, don’t be deceived, you will probably work twice as hard.

Do you have any other tips you would like to share? How do you keep up with your side hustle demands? Please share in the comments section below. 


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