How To Become A Blogger And Make Money

Would you like to know how to become a blogger and make money? Would you like to step up your blogging journey? Do you want to create a successful blog and then become a Problogger? You will likely answer YES to these questions but HOW?.

There exists a not so wide difference between bloggers whose blogs you stay glued to and bloggers you occasionally check on. Being a skilled blogger makes it easier for an individual to successfully grow their blogging career/hobby and develop themselves.

According to Neil Patel, “If you want to continually grow your blog, you need to learn to blog on a consistent basis”. You can only become a professional blogger by consistent and continuous learning.

This article presents you with concise details about the necessary skills you should acquire to become a Professional blogger or do better than bloggers you admire like Olubunmi Mabel, just joking. Blogging is becoming more of a job that requires some extra skills to compete and stand out well among similar other blogs.

At the end of the day, every blogger wants to be successful and make money/fame/expertise from their blogs but only a few of them develop their skills to become pro bloggers.

Check the Top 5 Skills You Need To Become A Blogger And Make Money Below: 

The underlined skills are not peculiar to becoming a full-time blogger. It’s actually a nice recipe for a hobby blogger to easily and quickly stand out in the blogosphere.

1. Writing 

how to be a blogger and make money

Do I really need to include this? maybe YES.

As a blogger, you must be able to write and develop awesome writing skills. It’s not easy to be great at writing but writing about what you are passionate about is damn interesting!!

Your blogging should represent a themed conversational tone, easy to read and simple to understand. Blogging is not an avenue to show off your grammar skills but the semantics are allowed.

Develop draft copies of the content you will like to publish on your blog, read it to yourself and share with friends for feedback.

You can as well use Grammarly and don’t forget to run a plagiarism check if you can afford it to avoid some random dudes hitting hard on your blossoming journey to becoming a Problogger. 

You can also read how to develop the habit of writing to help you better.


2. Image Editing or Basic Graphic Design

how to be a blogger and make money

You will agree with me that visuals help your content to rank higher in search engine result pages and social media posts.

Ensure every article on your blog comes with a picture that gives more details about the content of the page or interests readers to stay glued to your website.

Most times, great images help conceive a thousand words and get your readers attracted.

Basic graphic design skills assist you to crop, resize and add texts to images if there is a need for it.

You don’t actually need to go into a deeper understanding of Adobe design or photoshop tools but it really helps in urgent situations.

Check tutorials on image editing from the best tutors.


3. CSS/HTML Editing

CSS/HTML editing to some bloggers is like asking them for the impossible.

However, a basic understanding of how to markup and style sheets works helps you to tweak and fine-tune your blog each time you come across a blog you like to emulate.

Investing your time into learning programming languages such as HTML, CSS, XHTML PHP, JavaScript is a great skills sets to become a Problogger.


4. Search Engine Optimization

how to be a blogger and make money

The success of your blogging journey depends heavily on the amount of traffic you get from your blogs.

Search engine optimization is the magic behind online content ranking or showing up on search engine result pages.

As a blogger, delivering high-quality content is a plus to your SEO skills and checking out competitors from similar niches to learn about the best practices will help you know more about keywords and how to attract organic traffic.

You can learn the basics of search engine optimization online from e-learning websites and forums.


5. Follow Bloggers and Network

You don’t only become a Problogger by stopping by at but you actually become one by staying tuned to recent updates about the blogosphere.

Subscribe to similar blogging channels to learn more from experts, attend blogger meetups or tech events if you can afford them.

There are several other skills you need to become a professional blogger and every other thing you will love to do.

Check out for some of the amazing tutorials on HTML, SEO, Image editing and lots more. And if you’ve got other important skills you will love to add to the list, drop your comments below.


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