Not so many people talk about how to make him respect you.

We’ve been fed with the notion that men are the ones to be respected and women to be loved.

We’ve lived with this belief for so long that it has become an unwritten rule in every relationship.

In a healthy relationship, your man respects you and you wouldn’t be here looking for how to make him respect you.

Sometimes, we often see the disrespect dished as a normal part of a man’s life thereby not standing our grounds on basic things that should be the rock of the relationship.

We need to do away with the stereotype that ‘men want respect, women want love’.

Personally, I am of the opinion that love and respect go hand in hand.

Respect comes from a place of value and admiration. Not from a place of fear or favours.

As much as we talk about respect, we should know that it is earned.

Sometimes, you find out that it comes effortlessly and this is from a place of knowing your self-worth over every other thing.


Why do you need to know how to make him respect you?

Because a man may love you and not respect you because they’ve also been made to believe that women are to be loved and not respected.

So you have to teach him how to respect you if he’s not doing that already.

You own the key to how you’re treated.



1. Believe you’re to be respected.

This is where it all starts.

If you don’t believe you deserve to e treated with the utmost respect and held in high esteem, nobody will give it to you.

You need to configure your mind to the fact that you’re worthy of respect and this will reflect in different ways.

You don’t have to scream it around town that your man should respect you or put up a show.

Your poise, your looks, your conversations will reflect how much of a value you are.

You’re to be loved and respected.

I believe in mutual love and respect in relationships and marriage.


2. Don’t be afraid to form your opinions.

There’s a very thin line between being quiet and being timid.

A woman with her own voice is a turn on to any man.

You need to have your opinion on anything that affects you both or even on topics generally.

As a woman who is versatile in a number of topics and even has an opinion to share, it shows that you’re thoughtful and have a mind of your own.

Your willingness to take a stand on important topics will show how much you’re willing to put into the union.

Know what you want, form your opinion about them and go after them.

It is a very attractive quality men find in women and a real man would love a woman with a strong personality and opinion.

You want to be a woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to form her own opinions and go after them.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

When you mean to say no, don’t say yes out of fear.

If you think the way he’s been acting is inappropriate, tell him.

If you think he’s not listening to your needs, make sure he knows.

Not only will it show that he can trust you, but it will also tell him that you feel confident enough in your own convictions to express yourself.

Being open about what matters most to you will breed respect for your opinion.

Even if he disagrees with that opinion, he’ll respect that you have one of your own and aren’t afraid to voice it when necessary.

You don’t have to lose your uniqueness and individuality because you’re in love.


3. Have values that determine your standard and communicate them to him.

Develop values that determine your behaviour.

Your values become a bedrock for your general behaviour and reaction to people and things generally.

How you conduct yourself and your sense of self-respect is a direct result of your personal values.

Lying is not part of your value system, therefore you expect the truth from your partner.

It is important that you communicate your values to your man.

To do this, don’t be vague.

Tell him what you expect from him.

Be specific.

4. Don’t hesitate to air your displeasure.

When your man makes you displeased, please let him know.

Peace won’t reign by sweeping issues under the carpet.

It’s a ticking time bomb that would explode at any moment if you don’t handle them as soon s they come up.

What happens when you don’t treat issues or air your displeasures is you indirectly telling your man it’s ok to treat you the way he does.

You don’t have to nag him about it. Just communicate your feelings in a civil way.


5. Be intelligent.

Your beauty might attract a man, your intelligence will have to keep him.

Trust me sweetheart men respect intelligent women who can make meaningful contributions to their lives.

Women who can chair actual conversations and not one who just makes sounds during conversations.

Because he knows you’re sound, he’ll consult you on a number of things before making his final decision.

Your man wants someone who can converse at his level without being boring or condescending.

Can you talk about serious issues or only superficial topics like celebrities and fashion?

Invest in your mind as well.

Be a voracious reader.

Know a little about something.

Be mentally attractive.

In this age where you can find almost anything on the internet, you can’t afford to be ignorant.


6. Respect yourself.

I  stated earlier that respecting you starts from a point where you decide on it.

Nobody will respect you if you don’t respect yourself enough.

Self-respect will draw the respect out of others.

You won’t do things that will make others disrespect you or trample on you.

If you want him to respect you, then respect him.

Respect is reciprocal.


7. Get a life.

Outside your relationship with your man, please have a life.

Don’t make your waking moment and every other minute of the day revolve around a man.

When a man knows he’s your all in all, he will definitely take you for a ride.

He will not respect you.

Don’t choke him with attention and irrelevancies.

Get a life outside of him.

Don’t be an emotional leech.

Do things that make you happy and keep it going.

That is a sure way on how to make him respect you.



8. Be a woman a man is afraid to lose.

How does it feel to have a man that is scared of losing you?

The feeling of being everything he’s dreamed of?

Of course, he will definitely respect you.

Add value to his life in a way no woman has and you’ll have him respect you for life.


Let there be an air of mystery to you.
I’m not saying you should be a difficult puzzle to solve, however, your man will be intrigued to keep finding out the different sides to you.
Yes, men respect their women and you shouldn’t be an exception to that fact.


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