How To Wake Up At 5a.m Without Feeling Tired


An old proverb goes thus: “Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” But learning how to wake up early and feel revitalized can be tasking for most people.

Many great men in history seem to take this proverb seriously.

Iconic examples are Benjamin Franklin and Theodore Roosevelt who would wake up very early in the morning to plan their activities.

Ernest Hemingway also claimed that he did his best writings early in the early hours of the day.

But no matter how desperately some people want to have more productive mornings by waking up early, most simply do not know how to.

For most of us, morning time is the only time that we focus our thoughts to make sure it aligns with what we want to accomplish.

You know,the time where we reflect, relax and meditate. And a lot of that personal time happens before the rest of the world are up.

But as you may already know, it can be  difficult when you want to be a morning person but you are also struggling with waking up from sleep.

So if you are still struggling with waking up early, this article will give you tips that, if followed diligently, will help you become a morning person.

Be Motivated

Of all the tips which are going to be shared in this article, this happens to be the most important one of all.

To become a morning person by waking up early requires a great deal of will and motivation.

You have to ask yourself simple questions like: Why do I want to become a morning person? It could be to achieve major business goal or start up a business venture or some other thing success related.

Your reasons for waking early might also be tied to fitness and overall state of health.
Be motivated and all the rest of these tips will work just perfectly for you.

Early to Bed, Early to Rise

It can seem to be hard initially, but there comes a point in your life when you will like going to bed early just as much as you loved sleeping in.

You need to sleep earlier than you normally do.

The ancient phrase, “early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise” has been sticking around not just because it rhymes but because like most proverbs, it is true.

If this seems like too simple of an advice, that’s because it is simple. But it really works.

Start by slowly scaling the time you wake up and the time you sleep.

Avoid Coffee, Red wine and consuming Chocolate prior to Sleep

Numerous studies over time has shown how caffeine (in chocolate, coffee, and tea) and alcohol (wine, beer, brandy, etc.) drastically affects the quality of sleep at night because these substances cause a lot of disruption to your sleep cycle.

Drinking caffeine could be helpful in the mornings by making the mind stay sharp and awake, but it is one of the worst drinks you can take at night.

If you like to drink coffee in the evening or possibly after work hours, you should switch to a different drink which is caffeine free.

Drinking caffeine late in the day can prevent you from falling asleep in the evening, and can possibly keep you from staying asleep throughout the night due to its properties as a stimulant.

Engage in Relaxing Activities before Sleep

You could spend the few hours before sleep by reading a book, listening to soothing or calming music, or having a bath to encourage your body and mind to relax.

Decelerating your mind by engaging in these activities prepares you to have a deeper sleep at night.

Your routine may be different from someone else’s, so you might want to try more than one activity or activities from the ones mentioned so long as it calms you down.

Put off any screens like your phone or television as these cause strain to the eyes making it harder to fall asleep.

It’s best to do a more mindful activity. You may want to do some light yoga, slow music or meditation.

Be Consistent

Once you’re getting enough sleep, you must focus on consistency.

The human body adapts easily to this new sleep pattern as a result of consistency.

Both your body and your mind will appreciate and get accustomed if you go to bed and wake up every day at the same time.

By doing so, hormones and chemicals that our organs secrete will get used to this regular pattern.

And when you change that pattern, it takes time for your body to adapt to these changes.

This is the major reason why people suffer from jet-lag after they change time zones by moving from one country to a distant one thereby completely disrupting the pattern organs were used to.

Prepare for the morning

The night before, choose the clothes you will wear the following day, assemble the ingredients and food items for tomorrow’s breakfast, and put things you’ll need for work or school in order inside your bag.

This will help you save time in the morning and also leave you light minded at night while  trying to get some sleep.

Once you wake up, you will be all prepared to start the day refreshed.

Having read this to this point, See the differences waking up early can make in your life by trying out the items listed here for at least a week.

I hope that this new habit can bring more success, good health, and happiness to your life.



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