Valentine Love Messages for Your Lover

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Hey there, you’re here because you need a message to make your lover feel special.

Here are some doses of love to keep the sparks alive in their eyes when they read through.


1. So much importance is attached to the 14th of February just because it’s valentine, however, matter to me more than just a day. Happy Vals Day.

2. I would not only show you how much I care for you on Val’s day but also the other 364days of the year.  I love you.

3. Valentine’s Day will come and go but my love for you will never fade one bit. Let’s make this day special. Happy Val’s day.

4. Loving you has been the greatest joy in my life. I want to show today and beyond that, you matter to me more than you think. I love you.

5. Beyond now and forever, into the stars and the moon, my love for you is like the sands by the seashore. It’s unquantifiable. I love you

6. The stars and the moon share the sky at night, all coming together to make beautiful scenery. I Want to share my all with you, my love. Happy Val’s day.

7. This is the first valentine we will be sharing together. I’m using this day to assure you of my unwavering love for you. Let’s enjoy today honey.

8. At the time when love will wane and feelings won’t be sparking like they used to be, I want us to be able to look back to days like this one where we forgot everything and smiled at each other. Happy February 14th.

9. The world sometimes will become noisy that we allow the eventide hold us bound and we forget each other. Today will not be one of those days. I love you, dear. Happy Val’s day.

10. I just don’t want us to have Valentine’s day like every other person, I want us to have a time where we can look back on it and tell ourselves it was worth it.

11. Because today is specially dedicated to you; my pumpkin, my damsel, my confidant, my queen. I am going to make it worth the while. I love you.

12. From now into forever, I will continue to renew my love for you. Irrespective of distance or any other barrier, my love for you will continue to rise like the early morning sun.

13. What other day to express my love for you all over again if not on a day such as this. Dress up baby, we are rocking it together today.

14. Because 24 hours in a year is not enough for me to express my love for you I’m assuming you now that every day of our lives will be Valentine for us. I love you, dear.

15. I want you to look back to the 14th of February and wish it never ended. Valentine is not just for everybody, it’s special for the two of us.

16. Every new day is a new chapter in our lives filled with different happenings but the chapter of 14/02 is going to be a different one for us. I am assuring you. I love you.

17. So that when you begin to write your diary by the end of today, you will run out of ink because you won’t be able to finish writing about today. It’s a surprise.

18. Look back and see where you’ve been and where you are coming from. Look forward and see where you are going. Look beside you and see me holding your hands. Happy Vals Day.

19. I’m faraway now baby, but only physically. My heart is always and forever with you dear. Distance won’t be a barrier today dear. Let’s make this happen – together.

20. Open your blinds, look at the beautiful sky,  hear the birds chirping, and listen to the wind blow. Let nature call out to you because when next you will be opening your door, I’ll be right there waiting for you. It’s Valentine baby.


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  1. So, I edited 'Because today is specially dedicated to you; my pumpkin, my damsel, my confidant, my queen. I am going to make it worth the while. I love you.' and sent to bae. Been bursting her brain with many many messages. azzzzin.


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