7 Proven Ways To Overcome Fear Of Uncertainty

The world is a scary place.

We’re constantly bombarded with bad news, and the more we hear about what could go wrong, the more likely it is that something will go wrong.

It’s natural to feel worried and nervous when faced with uncertainty in life.

However, you don’t have to fear uncertainty because there are proven ways to cope with this feeling:


7 Proven Ways To Overcome Fear Of Uncertainty

1. Get To Know The Fear.

Ways To Overcome Fear Of Uncertainty

Fear is a normal human emotion.

It’s part of our fight or flight response, which has helped us survive as a species for thousands of years.

But fear can also be destructive when it gets in the way of progress and happiness.

The first step to overcoming your fear is to get acquainted with it and to understand what it looks like when you’re experiencing it, how it feels in your body, what thoughts are running through your mind when you feel afraid and why those thoughts make sense, and so on.

When we know our fears better than anyone else does; when we’ve learned enough about them that they no longer seem mysterious or unknown; then we can begin to take steps toward conquering them.


2. Accept Uncertainty As Part Of Life.

When we talk about the fear of uncertainty, it’s important to remember that acceptance is not the same thing as resignation.

Accepting something doesn’t mean giving up on your goals or letting go of your dreams; it simply means acknowledging that there are no guarantees in life and learning how to live with that fact.

Accepting uncertainty doesn’t mean giving up on your hopes and dreams.

It just means being willing to do what needs doing without trying too hard to control everything around you and failing.

You can only control yourself and how much effort you put into accomplishing what matters most for yourself and those around you; everyone else has their own agenda.

In other words: Don’t try so hard!

The best way out of this cycle is through acceptance.

Acceptance not just of uncertainty but also its role in our lives as human beings who must sometimes make decisions based on imperfect information rather than absolute truth which does not exist.



3. Think About The Future.

Ways To Overcome Fear Of Uncertainty

If you’re having trouble getting past the fear of uncertainty, try focusing on what you want to achieve in the future.

For example, if you are afraid of starting your own business because it might fail and leave you bankrupt and homeless, think about what would happen if it succeeded instead:

  • You could earn enough money from your business that it pays all bills (including rent).
  • You could take some time off work so that your partner can stay home with their kids while they’re young.
  • You could save up enough money for a holiday trip around Australia or Europe with family and friends.



4. Practice Being An Optimist.

If you’re worried about uncertainty, it’s possible that you’ve been practising pessimism for so long that it’s become your default mode.

In that case, the first step in overcoming your fear is to start practising optimism instead.

It might be hard to believe at first and even more difficult to put into practice.

Being an optimist doesn’t mean denying reality or pretending things are better than they really are; rather, it means keeping an open mind and believing in possibilities despite any evidence to the contrary.

Start by looking for opportunities for things to go right instead of focusing on all the ways things could go wrong which is what pessimists do.

For example: if there’s an upcoming presentation at work and you’re worried about whether or not everyone will like it, focus on all the ways they could be impressed instead of worrying about what might happen if they aren’t impressed at all!


5. Decide What You Can Control And What You Can’t.

In order to overcome your fear of uncertainty, you need to know what you can control and what you can’t.

What I Can Control:

I have the power within myself to decide how I respond in any given situation.

This includes my thoughts, words and actions.

If someone says something hurtful or makes me angry, it’s my responsibility for how I choose to react; whether that means walking away from the situation or confronting them about it but only if there really is no other option.

What I Can’t Control:

The weather outside my window isn’t something that depends solely on me.

However, since we live on Earth where seasons exist because our planet rotates around its axis every 24 hours – this isn’t something we have many choices over either.

In other words – everything else falls somewhere between these two categories so don’t worry about them too much.


6. Look For The Good In Uncertainty.

One of the best ways to overcome your fear of uncertainty is by looking for the good in it.

When we look at an uncertain situation, we tend to focus on what could go wrong or how the outcome will affect us.

But this approach only increases our anxiety and makes it harder for us to cope with uncertainty.

Instead, try focusing on what could go right instead of focusing on all the bad things that might happen which isn’t really possible because there are too many possibilities.

Instead of thinking about how uncertain situations make you feel nervous or scared, shift your attention towards finding solutions.

Even if those solutions aren’t perfect ones, they will still help ease some of those feelings while giving yourself time to figure out exactly what needs doing next!


7. Focus On The Positive Outcomes Of Uncertainty.

Ways To Overcome Fear Of Uncertainty

When you’re feeling uncertain, it can be hard to stay positive.

It’s important to remember that uncertainty has its benefits as well.

Uncertainty forces us to think creatively and look at the big picture, which can lead to great ideas!

Instead of focusing on how much you don’t know or what could go wrong, try focusing on all of the possibilities instead of just one outcome.

For example:

What if I do this?

Or what if I try something else?

In addition, you should also consider how other people might react if they were faced with uncertainty themselves how would they handle it?


Ways To Overcome Fear Of Uncertainty

There is no way to entirely eliminate fear, but you can learn to cope with it and control it more effectively so that it doesn’t negatively affect your life

Instead of trying so hard not to be afraid, focus on managing your fear more effectively so that it doesn’t negatively affect your life or cause unnecessary stress for yourself and others around you.

As long as we live in such uncertain times and especially when we don’t know what tomorrow holds, there will always be some level of uncertainty

All we can do is learn how to best manage this aspect of our lives by taking small steps every day toward greater self-awareness about how our own minds work when faced with stressful situations or difficult decisions.


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