What is Lifestyle Blogging?

What is lifestyle Blogging, many people are asking.

I want to contribute my own quota in answering the question as best as I can. It’s time for us to talk about it.

When people ask me if I truly blog, I answer, yes.

They go on ahead to ask what type of blogging I do and I proudly tell them LIFESTYLE BLOGGING.

This is usually when there is a curious face. The bold ones ask what the heck lifestyle blogging is.

I guess a lot of us are used to the most popular niche in Nigeria which is News/celebrity gossip blogging.

Y’all know what I mean. There are other types of blogging- food blogging, style blogging, design blogging, technology blogging etc.

Now, this is it- lifestyle blogging is about the Blogger.

S/he may choose to blog about one or more areas of interest.

Some lifestyle bloggers blog about food, fashion and beauty.

Some may go for life,  career and everything that revolves around them at the time.

So, you see, lifestyle blogging is the only type of blogging that allows for general content.

Some lifestyle bloggers have narrowed down their content to revolve around a particular area in relation to themselves.

Ashley Lamar for example is a faith-based lifestyle blogger.


There is a thin line between personal and lifestyle blogging.

I would however not refer to lifestyle as personal because the blogger may decide to steer readers away from details of personal living.

If a lifestyle blogger creates content that is mostly personal,  sort of diary-like,  then it is safe to refer to him/her as a personal blogger.

Lifestyle blogging is such a flexible niche that diligent content creators find it easy to integrate their personalities into their writing.

For bloggers who have found it hard to find their unique voice, lifestyle blogging may just be the way out.

Examples of popular lifestyle blogs are A Beautiful Mess, The Bloggess, Sisi Yemmie’s Blog, Berry Dakara’s Blog, Cassie Daves Blog, A Cup of Jo.

Some of these lifestyle bloggers have vlogs, so, we can invariably call these people vloggers.

They video their daily or weekly activities and tell their readers what they would like them to know.

I find it interesting that many of them are into full-time blogging.

I await this transition too!

I would advise you to go for lifestyle blogging if you have so many ideas about different things. Some of us can’t just stay talking about food alone, style alone, or relationships alone; we would rather talk about topics in relation to our perspectives and opinions.

If you have questions about how to start or manage a lifestyle blog,  you can use the comment box or email me directly at yelewrites@gmail.com


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